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Pathfinder Conscious Discipline class opportunity for Parents & for Educators


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Conscious Discipline is a parenting education curriculum. It has been found to improve parenting knowledge and skills, increase parents' ability to manage their own emotions and respond to children's challenging behaviors, and improve emotional management and behavior in children.

The Conscious Discipline series will be broken into 3 sessions and followed up with a virtual conversation with other participants.

As a Parent Participant you will have time to go through the sessions and watch the coordinating videos. As a group we will come together to share what we have learned and how to implement new skills into your daily life. Hearing other Parents' feedback will enhance your personal growth through the Conscious Discipline program.




To register your agency or program:

Our professional cohort will work individually with schools, agencies, and child care programs through the training and implementation of the Conscious Discipline curriculum. It will include one year of technical assistance and one parent training for the families that you serve.

This 16 hour Growing Futures approved training will consist of 10 online modules and 4 follow-up virtual sessions. This training will focus on the ND Core Competency of interactions with children and a CDA subject area of supporting children's social and emotional development. CEUs through NDSU will also be available. Participants must complete 3 brief assignments and a two-page report if completing for credits.

Participants will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of social emotional learning with children they serve. This course will equip participants with a foundational understanding of the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model and how to create safe, connected and problem-solving environments.


Administrators, Directors, Support staff, and Teachers