Zone in your home parent training

Zone Your Home: A Parent/Caregiver Training on The Zones of Regulation - April 27, 2023 

Description:  Is your child struggling to manage their feelings?  Are you unsure how to help them through their anxiety, anger or sadness?  Join us to learn strategies and practical tools using The Zones of Regulation framework. This 2-hour session will define self regulation and co-regulation and highlight the basics of using The Zones in your home. We will explore how to set up check-ins and visual supports, identify triggers, build a toolbox of regulation strategies and create daily structures to help your child and family thrive.  April 27, 2023 1:00-3:00pm  United States Central Time

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Participants can expect to:

  • Understand regulation and ways to support it
  • Gain a basic understanding of The Zones of Regulation
  • Get hands-on, easy-to-use strategies for using The Zones at home, including: 
    • Practical Zones visuals and Zones friendly language
    • How to do a Check-In with your child as a way to build emotional awareness
    • Regulation tools and strategies 
    • Becoming a detective for your child’s triggers